Vehicle Measurement System

The VMS utilizes A&D's ADX controller to measure signals from the wheel force sensors (WFS) and ECU in an integrated way. This complete measurement system collects and synchronizes a wide range of signals that are typically measured separately and processes the integrated measurement data to calculate road slope, road friction coefficient μ, and other parameters under conditions such as snow-covered roads. We make measurement software by MATLAB/Simulink, so we can customize calculation logic and CAN settings to build systems that meet users' requirements.


Measurement results

From the WFS up and down force and WPS up and down displacement while the vehicle is running, you can evaluate the dynamic suspension characteristics, the difference in front and rear wheel spring factors, and change by stroke.


Note: Latest configuration is being updated.

System Schematic

Vehicle Measurement System (VMS) Measurement Items

Measurement Sensor/signal No. of sensors
Wheel 6-component force WFS (Wheel component sensor) 4
Wheel rotation angle/speed WFS (Wheel component sensor) 4
Wheel position (relative value with vehicle body) WPS (Wheel position sensor) 4
Wheel steering angle WFS/WPS 1
Unsprung vibration Inertia sensor with GPS/3-axis accelerometer 1/1
Sprung vibration 3-axis accelerometer 1
Throttle openness ECU input voltage 1
Vehicle body movement Inertia sensor with GPS (angle speed/acceleration/dynamic position angle/latitude & longitude) 2
Wind direction/wind speed Wind speed/wind direction meter 1
Engine rotating speed ECU input pulse 1
Vehicle speed ECU input pulse 1
Gear position ECU input voltage 2
Engine/transmission temperature Thermocouple 8
Brake operation force Brake pedal force meter 1
Intake air temperature ECU input voltage 1
Air intake volume ECU input voltage 1
Fuel injection Valve open/close signal 1
Vehicle battery voltage Battery terminal voltage 1
Measurement battery voltage Battery terminal voltage 1
Steering angle/steering force Steering wheel sensor 1
Acceleration pedal position Accelerator pedal sensor 1
Brake hydraulic Pressure sensor 1

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