Force Matrix Sensor

3-Component Force Matrix Sensor

  • - A system of sensors and gauges to measure the reactive force from the road surface in 3 directions at high speed and high accuracy.
  • - A line of 8 mm2 sensors measure road surface reactive force over a very small area to obtain the force distribution of the tire contact patch.
  • - 20 ksps simultaneous sampling allows measurement at speeds of 200 km/h or greater.


When the tire passes over the line of 8 mm2 sensors on the road surface, the reactive force the tire receives from the road can be accurately measured.

When the tire passes over the array of sensors (see the tire locus in the image on the left), the distribution (as seen in the force contour diagrams) of the 3 component forces (lateral, radial, and tangential forces) can be measured.

Force Contour Diagrams

Tangential force

Tangential forces

Lateral force

Lateral forces



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