Plate Force Sensor

Plate Force Gauge

  • - Sensors and gauges measure the reactive force from the road surface in 6 dimensions at high speed and high accuracy.
  • - Measures force generated by tires as road surface reaction force directly and at high accuracy, which is not possible with the Wheel Force System (WFS).


Application 1 of PFS
Measurement of Road Surface Reaction Force for a Real Vehicle

Front wheel vehicle in creep mode 6 component force measurement data

6-component force
Tangential and lateral force

Traveling locus and torque steer analysis results for front wheel vehicle in creep mode

Traveling locus
Torque Steer

Application 2 of PFS
Measurement of Reactive Force in Simulated Driving Wind

  • Air resistance / Lifting power / Lateral force / Pitch / Roll / Yaw
  • Center of wind force

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