Laser Ground Sensor

Dynamic vehicle measurement series
Speed and position data using laser measurement method
Measurable in clear weather


The Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) consists of 2 Laser Doppler Velocimeters (LDV) and 3 Laser Distance Sensors (LDS). The LDVs measure ground speed along two directions and tire rotation in the lateral direction. The 3 LDSs measure the distance from the ground to identify wheel height change during the drive. Slip angle, camber angle, pitch angle and roll angle are calculated by the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) model based calculation.

  • IP65 waterproof
  • LDS can be used on sunny days by attaching a filter (Optional)
  • Attachable to a standard wheel
  • Various combinations with A&D sensors.
  • Data is stored in a Micro SD card and can connect to the CAN logger


Principal of operation

Laser Displacement Sensor (LDS) : Displacement and height are measured by laser reflections.

Laser Doppler velocimeter (LDV) : A laser is split in two and the velocity measured at the cross point. This advanced analysis method enables highly accurate measurements. The vehicle’s drive path record is measured by integration calculations.

Application example

Vehicle drive path record: 2 Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) systems are attached to the front and back of the vehicle to measure its drive path as well as its yaw angle. Horizontal velocity and driving distance data are used for this calculation.




Data example

Data example

Vehicle used : Mini Cooper S
Test pattern : Sweep steering
Sampled wheel : Front left
Measured values : Vx, Vy, Slip angle, Camber angle, Pitch angle and Tire radius
Measurement duration : 15 secs
Vehicle velocity : Up to 40km/h


AD7861-01(LDV) and AD7862-01(LDS) specifications

Item Specifications Remarks
Method Laser Doppler system Velocimeter
Laser system Distance sensor
Speed SpX: Tire rolling speed  
SpY: Side speed
Tire angle SA: Slip angle (angle formed by velocities in rolling and side directions)  
CA: Camber angle (angle around X axis)
PA: Pitch angle (angle around Y axis)
Physical tire radius Tr: distance between tire center and ground  
Mileage DdX: Mileage in rolling direction Velocity integration
DdY: Mileage in side direction
Speed resolution 0.2% or 0.006km/h  
Ground distance resolution 50μm  
Tire angle resolution SA: 0.002rad or 0.115deg Distance between laser sensors
CA: 3.57E-4rad or 0.0205deg Rolling dir.: 240mm
PA: 2.08E-4rad or 0.0119deg Side dir.: 140mm
Speed measurement range ±144km/h or -4km/h to 318km/h  
Ground distance measurement range Focal length ±50mm  
Mounting Dedicated mounting bracket  
Weight 3.3kg Including mounting bracket
Reference value

AD7893 - LGS

Item Specifications Remarks
Calculation / Measurement
Ground speed calculation Digital model calculation  
Calculation rate 1kHz  
Measurement items Rolling speed, side speed, slip angle, camber angle, pitch angle, tire radius, rolling distance and side direction distance  
Data interpolation function ON/OFF selectable  
Liquid Crystal Display
Display items Numerical display of the above measurements  
Data Output
Output device CAN  
Data output frequency Selectable from 1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500/1k (Hz)  
Size Width 97mm x Height 97mm x Depth 208mm DC 12V AC power adaptor
Width 110mm x Height 115mm x Depth 310mm  
Power supply AC 100 to 240V  
DC 12V ±10%  
Operating temperature 5 to 40℃  
Operating humidity 5 to 90%RH (no condensation)  
Weight (kg) 1.2kg  

User-Friendly GUI

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