Real Road Simulation

Six-component force sensor with built-in low-inertia roller

Accurately reproduces the test course in the test cell

  • High-response road load
    Gives running resistance to the vehicle by high response
  • Frictionless
    No bearing between torque meter and tire (draft loss)
  • Six-component force sensor
    No interference directions with torque;dynamic measurement
  • Reproduces slipping on acceleration
    Reproduces tire slipping when accelerating and decelerating
  • Lightweight, high friction roller
    Improves repeatability of tire model


DSP + A&D Core Technology

  • High-speed carbon roller
    Lightweight and low inertia
    Roller skin friction µ=1.0
    Maximum speed 250Km/h
  • Roller-in six component force sensor (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz)
    No mechanical loss

Six-component force sensor

Rated capacity Fx65kN, Fy25kN, Fz65kN
Mx15Nm, My20kNm, Mz15kNm
Weight 7.3kg (sensor)
Temperature range -10~80℃
Temp. influence of Zero 0.005%RO/I (℃)
Temp. influence of Span 0.005%/1℃

Lightweight carbon roller

Weight 57kg
Moment of inertia 15kg.mm2
Diameter of roller 48 inches
Width of roller 300mm
Materials Carbon composite
Durable strength Speed > 250km/h
Load > 1 ton

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