Company Profile

Company Name

A&D Company, Limited


3-23-14, Higashi-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan

TEL: [81] (3) 5391-6123 FAX: [81](3) 5391-6148

President & CEO

Yasunobu Morishima


May 1977

Paid-In Capital

6.388 Billion yen (as of March 31, 2020)

Annual Sales

49.197 Billion yen (consolidated as of March 2020)
31.481 Billion yen (unconsolidated as of March 2020)

Number Of Employees

716 (as of March 31, 2020)
2,633 (A&D group total)

Business Activities

Research and development, as well as manufacturing and distribution, of electronic measuring instruments, industrial scales, electronic balances, electronic medical instruments, testing machines and other applied electronic instruments.

Main Products

Systems for measurement, control and simulation, FFT analyzers, noise and vibration comparators, digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, digital ultrasonic thickness gages and material testing machines.

Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electron guns.

Electronic balances, digital platform scales, weighing indicators, weighing controllers, various industrial weighing equipments, weighing and measuring data processing system load cells.

Digital blood pressure monitors for professional use, various medical scales for professional use, digital blood pressure monitors for household use, digital bath scales, ultrasonic nebulizers for household use.

Board of Directors

Representative Director Yasunobu Morishima
Director Yutaka Murata
Director Sadao Ito
Director Shingo Takada
Director Satoshi Furukawa
Director Steven Plunkett
Director Cho Koh
Outside Director Hiroshi Kawada
Outside Director Yasuhiro Daisho
Outside Director Yutaka Inui

Corporate Auditors

Auditor Takaaki Suga
Auditor Katsumi Aya
Auditor Hideo Umezawa

Corporate Officers

    (Main Responsibilities)
President & CEO Yasunobu Morishima  
Senior Managing Executive Officer Yutaka Murata (In charge of R&D)
Senior Managing Executive Officer Sadao Ito (In charge of Business Management / Verification Office)
Managing Executive Officer Shingo Takada (In charge of Production)
Managing Executive Officer Satoshi Furukawa (Sales HQ Executive)
Senior Executive Officer Tsuneo Suzuki (Sales HQ Deputy Executive)
Senior Executive Officer Yoshio Ohno (Production HQ Executive)
Senior Executive Officer Koji Takahashi (Head of Corporate Strategic Planning Office)
Executive Officer Mitsuharu Sugita (President of BEST INSTRUMENTS CO., Ltd.)
Executive Officer Kazuto Kousaka (In charge of Quality Control and Calibration Office)
Executive Officer Teruhisa Moriya (Sales HQ Deputy Executive)
Executive Officer Katsuhiko Furuya (R&D 2 HQ Deputy Executive)
Executive Officer Kazuhiro Nishijima (Business Management HQ Executive)
Executive Officer Satoshi Emoto (R&D 1 HQ Executive)
Executive Officer Shinobu Ozaki (Medical Business Sales Department General Manager)
Executive Officer Masahiro Abe (R&D 2 HQ Executive)
Executive Officer Satoshi Nakano (Production HQ Deputy Executive)


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