FG-CWP Series
Waterproof Platform Scales
Weigh efficiently, and wash effectively
PDFBrochure (PDF 1.9MB)
PDFManual for the FG-CWP series (PDF 3.5MB)
PDFManual for the FG-D-CWP series (PDF 2.1MB)

As a derivative of the display unit of the FG-CWP series, the FG-D-CWP is an affordable stainless steel static weighing indicator ideal for building various types of waterproof scales.

PDFQuick Start Guide (PDF 5.5MB)
IP67 LCD Backlight Quick USB User Access Control GLP / GMP Compliant Impact Shock Detection Counting Function Comparator Function Auto Power ON Auto Power OFF            
Bluetooth® Interface Rechargeable Battery                          
All stainless steel construction*1
IP67 dust & waterproof
Cleanable with alcohol*2*3
High-speed measurement of 1 second*4
Bright and multi-colored LED comparator lights
Auto-tare and negative comparison functions for "take-away" check weighing
USB cable (3 m) to be connected to either an AC adapter (provided as standard), a USB port of a PC, or an off-the-shelf mobile battery*5
Power supply and data communication both at the same time when connected to a PC
Highly-visible, LCD display (30 mm character height) with white backlight
Four selectable weighing resolutions
Impact shock detection (ISD) to prevent error and damage to the load cell
Adjustable response characteristics
GMP/GLP compliant output to meet documentation requirements
Display hold function
Counting mode function
Auto power ON and OFF functions
Freely adjustable display angle
Password lock and key restriction functions

*1 Display unit, weighing pan, pole and frame: SUS304
     Load cell: SUS420J-2 with protective coating
*2 Alcohol diluted to 70% or less
*3 For the display unit (including the front panel), weighing pan, pole and frame
*4 Typical when the readability is set to normal (factory setting)
*5 For reference, continuous operation time with an off-the-shelf mobile battery (10,000 mAh) is estimated to be approx. 77 hours with backlight on.

IP67 and Cleanability With Alcohol

Power Supply & Communication via USB

External Input/Output
USB interface
Bluetooth® interface (optional)
FG-11CWP : Desktop/wall-mounting stand     PDFManual (PDF 170 KB)
FG-19CWP : Spin bracket     PDFManual (PDF 1.1 MB)
FG-27CWP : Bluetooth® communication interface for FG-CWP*6     PDFManual (PDF 750 KB)

*6 Please contact your local A&D representative to find out whether FG-27CWP is certified for compliance with Bluetooth® communication laws in your country.
Capacity 30 kg 60 kg 150 kg
Readability 0.01 kg 0.02 kg 0.05 kg
0.005 kg*7 0.01 kg*7 0.02 kg*7
0.002 kg 0.005 kg 0.01 kg
0.001 kg 0.002 kg 0.005 kg
Weighing pan 300 mm × 380 mm 370 mm × 500 mm
*7 Factory setting

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