Waterproof Static Weighing Indicator
Affordable stainless steel indicator ideal for building various types of waterproof scales
PDFFlyer (PDF 348KB)
PDFManual for the FG-D-CWP (PDF 3.1MB)
PDFManual for the FG-CWP series (PDF 3.7MB)

The FG-D-CWP is a derivative of the display unit of the FG-CWP series of IP67 waterproof platform scales.

PDFQuick Start Guide (PDF 5.2MB)
IP67 LCD Backlight Quick USB User Access Control GLP / GMP Compliant Impact Shock Detection Counting Function Comparator Function Auto Power ON Auto Power OFF            
Bluetooth® Interface Rechargeable Battery                          
IP67 dust & waterproof, alcohol cleanable*1, stainless steel (SUS304) construction
Drive capacity of up to four 350 Ω load cells with a remote sensing function
Freely configurable capacity and scale division (max. display resolution: 1/100,000)
Clearly-visible, large LCD digits (30 mm character height) with white backlight
Bright and multi-colored LED comparator lights for intuitive HI/OK/LO judgments
Auto-tare and negative comparison functions for "take-away" check weighing
Power supply from either the provided AC adapter, USB port on another device, or off-the-shelf mobile battery via USB cable (3 m)
Capable of both data communication and power supply at the same time when connected to a PC
Stand for setting the indicator on the floor or up on a wall at an arbitrary angle
Impact shock detection (ISD) to prevent error and damage to the load cell
Adjustable response characteristics
Multiple units of measure: kg, g, lb, oz, t and pcs (for counting mode)
GMP/GLP compliant output to meet documentation requirements
Display hold function
Counting mode function
Auto power ON and OFF functions
Password lock and key restriction functions

*1 Alcohol diluted to 70% or less
External Input/Output
USB interface
Bluetooth® interface (optional)
FG-27CWP : Bluetooth® communication interface for FG-CWP*2     PDFManual (PDF 750 KB)

*2 Please contact your local A&D representative to find out whether FG-27CWP is certified for compliance with Bluetooth® communication laws in your country.

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