EK-L Series
Precision Bench Scales
EK-L Series A choice to be made—depending on your intended use!
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External Calibration LCD Backlight RS-232C Interface GLP Compliant Counting with ACAI Percentage Function Comparator Function Auto Power OFF Software Smart Range
Rechargeable Battery                            
EK-15KL: Ideal for use where large capacity and high readability are simultaneously required
EK-30KL: Especially useful when the gross weight exceeds 15 kg, yet 0.1 g readability is necessary to measure the net weight
Large (300 × 210 mm) weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or quantities
Hygienic and scratch-resistant stainless steel (SUS430) weighing pan cover
Easy-to-read LCD display with clear, white backlight (22 mm character height)
RS-232C interface as standard
GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
Multiple weighing units: g, kg, oz, lb, ozt (tael can be added upon request)
Counting mode with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function
Percent mode function
Comparator function
Display hold function
Operation with either AC adapter or optional rechargeable battery
Auto power OFF function
Battery life indicator
Security ring for wire-locking the scale to prevent theft
External Input / Output
RS-232C interface
HC-02i : Sealed lead acid rechargeable battery (6 V, 4 Ah)
AD-1688 : Weighing data logger
AD-8118C : Universal printer
AD-8127 : Compact printer
AD-8526 : RS-232C/Ethernet (TCP/IP) converter
AD-8527 : Quick USB adapter
AD-8920A : Remote display
AD-8922A : Remote controller
AX-USB-9P : RS-232C/USB converter with cable
AX-KO2466-200 : RS-232C cable (9P-9P, 2 m)
AX-KO2466-500 : RS-232C cable (9P-9P, 5 m)
Model EK-15KL EK-30KL
Capacity 15 kg 3 kg / 30 kg*
Readability 0.1 g 0.1 g / 1 g
Weighing pan 300 × 210 mm
* Smart range function: The readability will switch to 1 g when the display value exceeds 3 kg but returns to 0.1 g by pressing the Re-Zero key.

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