Wireless Communication Interface for PC
AD-8541-PC Wireless Communication Interface for PC
When cables get in the way
PDF Manual (PDF 221KB)
Enables a PC (with communication software such as WinCT installed) to wirelessly receive data from and send commands to a Bluetooth® compatible scale such as the SJ-WP-BT series through its USB port*1
Requires no cable connection, which can compromise the sealing of a waterproof scale

*1 The driver software for the AD-8541-PC is automatically installed with Windows 8.1 or later. If the driver cannot be installed, download it from here. WinCT is also downloadable for free.
Supported operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10, 32/64 bit
Operating environment –10 to 40 ˚C / 14 to 104 ˚F, 85% R.H. or less (no condensation)
Power supply From USB port
Communication range Max. 10 m (line of sight)
Wireless communication module EYSHCNZXZ (TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD.)
Bluetooth® 4.2 (Bluetooth® Low Energy)
Serial communication parameters Baud rate: 2400 bps
Bit length / parity: 7 bit / even
Stop bit: 1 bit
External dimensions Approx. 24 (W) × 12 (H) × 74 (D) mm
Net weight Approx. 15 g

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