UM-212BLE ISO(IEC)80369 compliant
All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor
The electronic medical blood pressure monitor UM-212BLE is ideal for use at medical sites such as hospitals, clinics, hospitals, and nursing care facilities. Upper-arm electronic medical blood pressure monitors are recommended as an alternative to mercury-column blood pressure monitors.
Includes functions for auscultation, automatic, and multiple measurement functions
Bluetooth Low Energy (Ver.4.1)
Up to 15 units can be registered with multi-pairing
Cuff holder and grip for carrying
Durable and chemical resistant body
Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use
Large LCD display with backlight
Rechargeable battery (300 measurements at full charged)
Adjustable inflation pressure (AUTO/220/250/280)
Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator
Room temperature display
ISO80369-5 was developed as an international standard to prevent cuff connection errors with different types of medical devices that use the same or similar connectors.
Whilst connection errors were few and far between they could have fatal consequences.
It’s important to note that ISO80369-5 cuffs cannot be used with non-compliant ISO80369-5 blood pressure monitors and they are not interchangeable with earlier models.
Multiple Locations
Professional Cuff for UM-212BLE
The professional cuff and 5 size cuffs are available for uses, 12cm to 50cm for the arm circumference.
Cuff Size Arm Size REF
SS 12cm to 17cm UM-SSRS4K1KEC
Small Adult 16cm to 24cm UM-SARS4K1KEC
Adult 22cm to 32cm UM-AURS4K1KEC
Large Adult 31cm to 45cm UM-LARS4K1KEC
Extra Large 41cm to 50cm UM-LLRS4K1KEC

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