Why IHB?
IHB stands for "Irregular Heartbeat". This symbol lights up when an irregular heartbeat is detected during BP measurement by the UA-787 or UA-767Plus.
Our study of heart rate variability (HRV)
We have been studying heart rate variability, a relatively new area in medical research.
Medical papers report that heart rate variability (known as HRV) is something which all people exhibit. For example, a person’s heart rate speeds up when they are excited, such as while talking to a significant other. However there is a certain range of HRV that is considered to be normal, not arrhythmia.

We also learned from the following data from our study of hospital patients that HRV for normal people stays within a +/-25% margin.

The charts to the left contain plots for HRV, showing the different characteristics between normal and arrhythmia patients. It is obvious that HRV for arrhythmia patients is greater than that of the normal patients group.
Naturally, this IHB function is not to be used for diagnosis, but for monitoring purposes only.

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