World Class Monitor A&D, a pioneer in home blood pressure monitoring, has once again come up with a new series of world-class monitors with Triple A Technology that sets new industry standards and enhances value for users.
A&D created a next-generation blood pressure monitor to achieve user-friendliness and ease of use by developing skills and experience accumulated over 30 years with medical equipment.
UA-1000 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Asia Model
3A Technology Advanced Cuff Design
 Latex-free and metal-free plus wrinkle-free cuff designs.
Advanced Inflation
 User selection made possible between A&D's fuzzy logic inflation and anxiety-free "MyPressure" setting.
Advanced Deflation
 Linear-motor driven active deflation valve makes it measure accurately for all cuff sizes.
Advanced Cuff Design
2 types of user-friendly cuffs - SlimFit Cuff & SmoothFit Cuf
SmoothFit Cuff SmoothFit Cuff
Latex-free and metal-free painless, comfortable cuff
 The new patent-pending technology of the
 solid-body bladder and inner sewing techniques
 creates fewer wrinkles inside.
 For UA-1020 and UA-1030T
 Size: Adult (17-32cm)
SmoothFit Cuff
Advanced Inflation
2 types of inflation mode - fuzzy logic inflation & "MyPressure" setting
Fuzzy logic inflation         AUTO
Easy, one-button operation
For all UA-1000 models
Personalized optimal inflation and pulse detection during inflation.
Just press START to take the measurement.
MyPressure        180 210 240
Faster and more comfortable measurement
For UA-1020 & 1030T
Inflation at a pressure set (180/210/240mmHg) according to one's blood pressure value.
The set pressure shortens inflation time and makes measurement more comfortable. 
Advanced Deflation
Linear-motor driven active deflation valve makes it measure accurately for all cuff sizes.
Deflation using the new ECEV 3G (Electronic Controlled Exhaust Valve), which is more compact than ever with much better performance for blood pressure monitors.
UA-1020        Premiere Asia Model
Individualized monitoring with more comfort
  IHB  plug
UA-1020 is equipped with newly designed SmoothFit cuff, which enables painless,
comfortable measurement. Also it has two unique modes.
MyPressure mode provides individualized inflation and shorten the measurement
time. The TriCheck™ mode automatically takes three consecutive readings with
one-minute intervals for most accurate results.
Newly designed SmoothFit Cuff for painless and comfortable measurement
    (Latex-free and metal-free)
TriCheck™ mode for consecutive 3 measurements and average reading
MyPressure Setting mode (AUTO/180/210/240)
Cuff Fit Error Indicator
Movement Error Indicator
Irregular Heartbeat/AFib Indicator (IHB/AFib)
WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
90 memories + Average reading (All/AM/PM)
Carrying case with zipper
ISO plug compatible
PDFInstruction manual
UA-1020 icons

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