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AC strain amplifier AS3803,AS3903
AC strain amplifier AS3803,AS3903
・AC Bridge Type with Noise Resistant
・Isolated between input/output and power supply system!
  Noise-resistant design for harsh environments!
The AS3803/AS3903 are isolated between input/output and power supply systems, respectively, and are equipped with Noise-resistant circuits that excel in Common-mode Noise Elimination. As a result, it is possibe to reduce the effect of noise generated by Common Mode Voltage from power lines, high power equipment, etc., as well as noise generated when thyristors and power transistors are opened and closed, and to obtain an output with a high SN ratio even in an environment where noise is easily mixed in. Suitable for sites where Common Mode Noise is a concern, such as heavy electrical equipment, steel, heavy industry, plants, and railway vehicles.
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■ High sensitivity - AS3803
Sensitivity ±10 V output at ±200 x 10-6 strain input(when BV = 2 V)
■ High responsivity
DC to 5 kHz - AS3903
■ Various functions with excellent operability.
Bridge Check, Cable Length Compensation, Auto-range and Auto-balance can be executed by the touch of a button.
■ Operable even under severe temperature conditions.
Temperature stability (Zero Point) Within ±0.1×10-6 strain/°C
Operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
■ Bridge Check function
The "Bridge Check" function automatically detects disconnections, shorts, and cable breaks at each circuit of the bridge. The easy detection of disconnected or short-circuited wires reduces measurement preparation time and helps prevent problems with the input section.

AC strain amplifier AS3503,AS3603,AS3703
■ Cable Length Correction function
If the distance between the bridge circuit and the amplifier is long, the bridge voltage will drop due to the conductor resistance of the cable. In the past, remote sensing with a 6-core cable and compensation by numerical setting (cable length, wire diameter, etc.) were used. (Remote sensing was not possible with the AC strain amp using 6-core cable.) This series of products employs a unique automatic compensation circuit to compensate for bridge voltage drops even with 4-core cables, enabling highly accurate strain measurement. AC strain amplifier AS3503,AS3603,AS3703
■ Auto-range function
The “Auto-range function" automatically adjusts the measurement range to the specified output voltage when the calibration value set in the Internal Calibrator is applied. Output voltage can be selected from 5 V, 8 V, and 10 V. Even those unfamiliar with strain amplifiers can easily prepare one for measurement.

■ E-terminal Switching function
The "E-terminal switching function" switches the potential of the shield (E-terminal) of the sensor cable to the [input COM] or the [GND] of the amplifier, and performs shielding measures suitable for the installation environment of the sensor bridge.
If the E-terminal is not connected to the chassis of a tranbsducer, etc., setting the switch to [Input COM] will increase the shielding effect and reduce noise intrusion.

Item AS3803 AS3903
Noise resistant Input noise suppression circuitry
Number of channels 1 channel/unit
Bridge resistance 60 to 1,000 Ω
Gauge factor 2.00
Bridge power supply (BV) Voltage 0.5 V, 2 V AC
Frequency 5 kHz sine wave 12.5 kHz sine wave
Synchronization input/output signal (OSC) 2.5 V AC
E-terminal Connection Switching function The Shield Wire Potential Switching switch (E-SW) can be used to switch the potential of the E-terminal (Shield Wire) of the input cable to the input common (COM) or GND (casing ground potential via protective element).
Bridge Check (BRC) function Detects disconnections and shorts in input bridge circuits with bridge resistance of 120 Ω or more and disconnections in input cables, and displays the results on LEDs. Function can be turned ON/OFF by FNC setting.
Cable Length Compensation (CLC) function Automatic compensation for bridge power supply voltage drop due to cable length to bridge circuit (bridge resistance 120 Ω or more). Function can be turned ON/OFF by FNC setting.
Balancing adjustment range(Auto-balance) Resistance Deviation: ±2% (±10,000 x 10-6 strain), capacitance imbalance: Approx. 2,000 pF
Balancing adjustment accuracy Within ±0.4 ×10-6 strain
(RANGE = 200, FINE = x1, BV = 2 V)
Within ±1.0 ×10-6 strain
(RANGE = 500, FINE = x1, BV = 2 V)
Maximum input range ±200,000 x 10-6 strain
(RANGE = 20k, FINE = x2.5, BV = 0.5 V)
±500,000 x 10-6 strain
(RANGE = 50k, FINE = x2.5, BV = 0.5 V)
Voltage sensitivity ±10 V output at ±200 ×10-6 strain (RANGE = 200, FINE = x1, BV = 2 V) ±10 V output at ±500 ×10-6 strain (RANGE = 500, FINE = x1, BV = 2 V)
Measurement range (RANGE) 200, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k (x10-6 strain × 2/BV value), OFF 500, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k (x10-6 strain × 2/BV value), OFF
Measuring range fine adjustment (FINE) Continuously variable within the RANGE and adjustable with the FINE knob. Variation can be changed in two steps.
Internal Calibrator (+CAL, -CAL) Calibration value range: ±1 to 9,999 x10-6 strain, calibration value accuracy: ±(0.5% rdg + 0.5 ×10-6 strain)
Auto-range (ARG) function Automatic adjustment of RANGE and FINE so that the output voltage becomes the specified value when the calibration value set in the Internal Calibrator is applied.
Output voltage value (OFF, 5 V, 8 V, 10 V) can be specified by the FNC setting.
Non-linearity ±0.1%/FS ±0.1%/FS
Frequency characteristic (W/B) DC to 2 kHz ±10% DC to 5 kHz ±10%
High-Pass Filter (HPF) Cutoff frequency: 0.5 Hz, 2-pole Butterworth type (filter drop characteristic -12dB/oct)
Low-Pass Filter (LPF) Cutoff frequency: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 Hz, 4-pole Butterworth type (filter drop characteristics -24dB/oct) Cutoff frequency: 10, 30, 100, 500, 3 kHz, 4-pole Butterworth type (filter drop characteristics -24dB/oct)
Temperature stability Sensitivity Within ±0.05%/°C, Within ±0.2%/24h
Zero-point Within ±0.1 ×10-6 strain/°C, ±0.5 ×10-6 strain/24h
Noise 2.0 ×10-6 strain p-p input conversion
(W/B, RANGE = 200,
FINE = x1, BV = 2 V, at 120 Ω bridge)
5.0 ×10-6 strain p-p input conversion
(W/B, RANGE = 500,
FINE = x1, BV = 2 V, at 120 Ω bridge)
Output voltage OUTPUT1 ±10 V ±5 mA (2 kΩ load or more), OUTPUT2 ±10 V ±10 mA (332 kΩ load or more), Operable at output resistance 0.5 Ω or less, capacitive load up to 0.1 µF.
Output adjustment OUTPUT2 ADJ (continuously variable from 1 to 1/10 independently)
Level indication 17-dot LED display for monitoring OUTPUT1, Green LED in the center lights up within approx. ±100 mV and LEDs on both ends blink at approx. ±10.5V or more
Digital display 4 1/2 digit digital display for OUTPUT2 monitor, scaling available with OUTPUT2 ADJ. Decimal point position can be changed by FNC setting.Accuracy: Within ±0.05% rdg ±1 count
Key Lock function Key lock ON/OFF of the operation panel is possible by pressing the key lock button for about 1 second (excluding the calibration value application switch (+CAL, -CAL) )
Remote function Rear interface connector: D-SUB, 9P, female, Mounting: #4-40 inch screw
+CAL and -CAL input, BAL function [Bridge check (BRC), Line length correction (CLC), Auto range (ARG), Auto balance (resistance balance)], RANGE OFF and KEY LOCK controls are possible by external signal
Saving of setup values Save to flash memory
Vibration resistance 29.4m/s2 (50 Hz, XYZ each for 10 minutes) and compliant with MIL-STD-810G-514.6
Withstand voltage Between input terminals (A, B, C, D, E) and the output, and the case: 1 kV AC for 1 minute
Between AC power input and signal input, output, and the case: 1.5 kV AC for 1 minute
Between DC power input and signal input: 1 kV AC for 1 minute
Between DC power input and signal output, and the case: 500 V AC for 1 minute
AC power supply 100 to 120 V AC / 200 to 240 V AC (switchable with [AC power supply voltage switch] on the bottom)
Approx. 9VA when AC100V, Approx. 11VA when AC120V, Approx. 12VA when AC240V
DC power supply 10 to 30 V DC, 6 VA or less
Operating temperature/humidity -10°C to +50°C, within 20% to 85% RH, with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity -20°C to +70°C, within 10% to 90% RH, with no condensation
External dimensions H143 x W49.5 x D252 mm (excluding projection)
Weight Approx. 1.4 kg

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