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President Hikaru Furukawa to present a new experimental model at Car Testing China

A&D will participate in Car Testing China 2010, a conference and exhibition for automotive testing, measuring, control, and simulation technology, and President Hikaru Furukawa will present a new experimental model at the following time and place.

Date: Thursday, July 22, 14:35-15:00

Venue: Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China

Title: Simulation Models Powered by Experimental Approaches

A&D’s CAT Technology Supports CAE Activities

In CIMS for vehicle development, simulation models used in CAE design have problems in practical use due to their complexity and inaccuracy.

As an instrumentation manufacturer, A&D will propose improving the accuracy and usability of CAE models by identifying models from experimental models created from real measurements.

Moreover, A&D will propose CAT support tools for less complicated model creation.

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