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Breakthrough models put you in control of your blood pressure!

Two additions to our UA-85X series, the UA-854 and the UA-855 will be available starting this February! A quick glance at these new models and you notice a larger display & features that provide you with more information to help you properly monitor your blood pressure. Please click on the link below for more details.

Our UA-854 and UA-855 offer extensive features in a stylish body. These new, powerful devices allow you to gather more information about your blood pressure from home.

This model has extensive features, some of which were adopted from our UA-853 with AM/PM TimeWise Memory Tracking system.
- The UA-854 has a newly designed LCD display -- Larger & bold segments are used for increased visibility. Time & date are more visible with our new display when in stand-by mode.
- Room temperature display -- This is a completely new feature for personal BP monitors. This display keeps you aware of the room temperature even while the monitor is in stand-by mode. Most people aren’t aware that sudden changes in ambient temperature can affect their blood pressure. By keeping you alert of the ambient temperature, the UA-854 hopes to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by one or two inconsistent readings

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This UA-855 is the most informative blood pressure monitor on the market without attachments or accessories, such as a PC or other device.
- Large 120 x 2 storage memory – the UA 855 is capable of holding 120 data for 2 different individuals. You may share this model with close family members, like your wife, husband, brother or sister, etc.
- Multiple ways to display the stored data --The UA-855 answers the demand for more complete information by people not satisfied with standard blood pressure devices that only show numbers; 120 over 80, pulse 70, etc.

Features include:
1. Period selective average & individual data – All/1 month/1week
2. AM/PM selective average & individual data - All/1 month/1week
3. Histogram display for stored data – Systolic and Diastolic with period selection

And that’s not all. Displays at the bottom of the screen help you to interpret each reading result.
1. Graphical WHO classification
2. Colored LED annunciator for WHO classification (green – yellow – red)

We stand behind the UA-855 as most complete bp monitor available that helps you keep track of your blood pressure

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