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The AD7011-EVA is an industrial computer and product development platform that supports user testing and development activities.

The features of the AD7011-EVA support the development work of its users. Real time performance and various I/Os enable real time data processing and interfacing with external devices. These features support controller development for use in RPT (Rapid Prototyping) and HILS (Hardware In The Loop Simulation) systems. The touch screen offers an excellent interface for standalone use. The ability to execute MATLAB/Simulink models and build GUIs provides a flexible and codeless environment that reduces engineering time. pdf Brochure (PDF 884KB)

The AD7011-EVA can run MATLAB/Simulink models and the Simulink software is a flexible tool for modeling, simulation and model-based control development. Therefore, the AD7011-EVA best suits MATLAB/Simulink users who want to run Simulink models on real hardware. This feature also makes the AD7011-EVA suitable as an educational tool for control and modeling studies and a product development tool at R&D departments of electrical and electromechanical manufacturers.

Moreover, the product includes an RT-Linux OS (Xenomai), a GUI builder (AD-VirtualConsole), S-functions for the I/Os, and a C-code development tool (Eclipse), and a MATLAB/Simulink demo license can be downloaded from The MathWorks website. Users can start development soon after they open the package.


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