Weighing Indicators for Ethernet Based Field Networks
AD-4405 The AD-4411 is a weighing indicator that can convert signals from strain gauges load cells and connect them to an Ethernet-based field networks.
AD-4411-EIP (EtherNet/IP)
AD-4411- ECT (EtherCAT)
PDFBrochure (PDF 480KB)
PDFManual (PDF 2.4MB)
PDFSimplified manual (PDF 717KB)
Daisy-chain connection is possible without a switching hub thanks to two communication ports
High speed A/D signal conversion, 1200 times/s
HPDF - High Performance Digital Filter Greatly reduces the cost and maintenance of anti-vibration equipment
Rear USB port for easier update of Weighing Indicator settings.
DIN 96 x 48 compact size
Easy load cell connection type setting (4/6 wires) Saves time spent on connecting load cells.

Settings can be updated from PC via USB port using our freely available software.
  • - Can import/save internal settings to PC, and then export the same settings to other units.
  • - Monitors measured values and check the effect of HPDF as a graph in real time.

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