Test and Measurement

Material Testing Instruments
The STA Series is an advanced multi-purpose tester with the ability to test a wide range of products and materials in a wide range of operating conditions. The STA Series can perform more than 15 different tests.
PDFBrochure (PDF 2,580KB)
Runs under Windows and displays control, test parameters and test results on screen

Displays 20 screens, each with the following information, on an IBM compatible PC, allowing the operator to review data acquired during multiple tests with varied test parameters display, overprint and store S-S curves for multiple tests.
Test results can be outputted in any format, in any engineering unit.
Incorporates a wide variety of analytical tools
Constant Temperature Testing Device

Loading System
Closed loop micro-computer controlled digital servo

Max. Loading Capacity
STA-1225: 2.5kN (250kgf)
STA-1150: 500N (50kgf)

Effective Stroke (mm)
STA-1225: 850
STA-1150: 550

Crosshead Speed (mm/min.)
STA-1225: 0.5~1000 (14 speeds)
STA-1150: 0.5~500 (13 speeds)

Crosshead Random Speed
Set with 0.1 mm pitch. Up to 6 settings can be stored.

Crosshead Speed Accuracy

Return Speed (mm/min.)
STA-1225: 1000, 500
STA-1150: 500, 100

Crosshead Manual Operation
Position the crosshead first using UP / Down switches & use manual button to adjust fine position.

Moving Crosshead Position Display (mm)
5 digital display (resolution : 0.01)

Elongation Display used with Extenso-meter
5 digital display (Possible to display Extension), Unit: mm, %GL, %FS

Elongation Display used with Extenso-meter
5 digital display (Possible to display Extension), Unit: mm, %GL, %FS

Measurement Accuracy (100~10%)
+/- 1% of indicated value or 0.2% of full scale whichever is greater

Load Range
1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 40, 100% (7 steps) provided with auto-ranging function

Load Calibration
1) Auto-zeroing, 2) Auto-spanning, 3) Load cell discrimination

Over Load Safety Function

Sample Break Detection

Stroke Safety Device
Upper/Lower limiters

Cycle Test
Upper/Lower limit points: select from either the crosshead position or load

Set momentary stop time at each upper/lower limit.

Dimensions (W x H x Dmm)
STA-1225: 470 x1450 x335
STA-1150: 470 x 1050 x 335

Weight (kg)
STA-1225: 55
STA-1150: 44

Power Source
AC100V 1P 50/60Hz with 2P plug
  • Parallel Jaws
  • Fixed Wedge Jaws
  • Air Jaws
  • Compression Test Jig
  • Compression Cage
  • Compression-type Bending Test Jig
  • 90° Peeling Test Jig
  • Strain Gauge type Measuring Device for Distance between Gauge Marks SG Series
  • Non-contact type Elongation Indicator between Gauge Marks U-4410

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