Test and Measurement

Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
Designed for Light Gage Materials
0.8mm to 200mm with 0.1mm Accuracy
Low Cost & High Technology
The AD-3253 Ultrasonic Thickness Gage uses ultrasonic waves to determine the thickness of a wide variety of solid objects from metals to plastics.

It is comprised of the digital instrument that controls the operation and a probe that transmits and receives the ultrasonic waves.
PDFAD-3253 Manual (PDF 394KB)
PDFAD-3253B Manual (PDF 208KB)
Compact and Light Weight
With a weight of only 180g, the AD-3253 is easy to carry and easy to use. Its light weight allows hours of fatigue free operation.

Easy to Operate
Simply calibrate the AD-3253 to the material to be tested, place the probe on the test material and the AD-3253 automatically
displays the correct thickness. No special qualifications or training are required.

Easy to Read LCD Display
Displays both measured thickness and sonic velocity of the sample.

Sonic Velocity Stored into Memory
Sonic velocities are easily entered into the AD-3253 unit through simple up and down keys. When a new entry is made, it replaces
the previous entry and stores the new one until changed, even if the unit is powered off or the battery is changed.

Low Battery Indicator
Low Battery appears when the battery is low, after which the operator has one hour of operation before battery replacement is required.

Able to determine unknown Sonic Velocities
Simply calibrate the AD-3253 against a known test block and place the probe on the sample material of the same thickness.
One button operation sets the unit to the proper thickness and the AD-3253 automatically enters the correct sonic velocity.

Selectable Units of Measure
When performing thickness measurements, the operator is able to easily select between inches or millimeters units of measure.

Automatic Power Off Function
The AD-3253 operates continuously for more than 30 hours off of one AA alkaline battery (25", 5 mm sample thickness) and,
automatically powers off the unit after 5 minutes of non-use, substantially extending operating life between battery changes.

Thickness Measurement, Corrosion Test, Inspection

Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, etc.

Standard Accessories
Soft carrying case
5mm thickness test block
Instruction Manual
Probe holder
Dual probe
Dual probe for AD-3253B
Measuring method Ultrasonic pulse reflection
Thickness unit of measure Millimeters or inches
Frequency range
5 MHz
Sampling rate 4 times/second
Thickness range AD-3253B : 0.8 mm ~ 100.0 mm (0.035 inches ~ 4 inches)
AD-3253 : 2.0 mm ~ 200.0 mm (0.08 inches ~ 8 inches)
Accuracy AD-3253B : ±0.1 mm ±0.5% (thickness range: > 0.8 mm < 40 mm)
±0.1 mm ±1.5% (thickness range: < 100 mm)
±0.01 inches ±0.5% (thickness range: > 0.035 inches < 1.57 inches)
±0.01 inches ±1.5% (thickness range: < 4 inches)
AD-3253 : ±0.1 mm ±1.0% (thickness range: > 2 mm < 100 mm)
±0.1 mm ±1.5% (thickness range: < 200 mm)
±0.01 inches ±1.0% (thickness range: > 0.08 inches < 4 inches)
±0.01 inches ±1.5% (thickness range: < 8 inches)
Resolution 0.1 mm (0.005 inches)
Depending on surface condition of sample
Display device Liquid Crystal Display
Power supply One AA dry cell battery
Battery replacement Approximately 30 hours of operation. Low battery indicator activates when replacement is required. One hour of additional operation available after initial low battery indication.
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Dimensions 68 mm (W)x 120 mm (H) x 27 mm (D)
Weight Approximately 180g

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