Test and Measurement

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
ASME,AWE & JIS Conformance
Colour Liquid Crystal Display
Red, Blue, Green and Black on a field of white for easy viewing

DAC Curve
-Meets ASME, AWS and JIS specifications
-On screen display of y, d and W data
-Buzzer warning when data is beyond the specifications

NiCd Battery with Power Management
-4 hours of operation on a fully charged battery
-Recharges in approximately 3 hours
-On screen bar graph and numeric display, allows quick estimation of operating time remaining
-LSI power management included in the battery pack

Data Memory Function
-100 data sets including waveform, graphics and data table
-10 character alpha-numeric remarks per data set
-Stores calibration data for 20 different probes

60 Hz Response Time
Display updated quickly to keep the operator advised of abrupt changes

Standard Gate Functions
-Dual gate
-Single gate
-DAC Curve
-Gate calculation using y, d, W, differential, % or dB

Standard Serial Communications
-RS-232C port for communicating with a computer or graphic printer
-Optional serial to parallel adapter

Automatic Self Calibration
Range 2.5 ~ 10,000 mm (Resolution: 0.1 mm)
0.1 ~ 500 inches (Resolution: 0.01 inches)
Range Step 2,5/5/10/25/50/125/250/500/1,000/2,500/5,000/10,000 mm & continuous
0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500 inches & continuous
Velocity 100 ~ 19,999 m/s (4 ~ 800 inches/US)
Probe Delay 0 ~200 µs
Display Start
-1 00 ~ 9,900 mm (DAC Curve Mode fixed at 0 mm)
Gain 0 ~ 100 dB
Gain Step 0.1/6 dB
Test Mode
Pulse Echo/Transmit Receive
Pulse Energy High/ Low (Square Pulse -350/-50V)
Pulse Width 50 ~ 275 ns STEP (Automatically Related to Frequency)
Damping 25/50/100/400Ω
Pulse Repetition 500 Hz max. (Fast), 200 Hz max. (Mid), 100 Hz max. (Slow)
Band Width 0.1 to 10 MHz (-3 dB)
0.05 to 15 MHZ (-6 dB)
Broad Band (equivalent sample frequency= 200 MHz @BB)
0.5/1/2/5/10 MHz 5 Narrow Band (equivalent frequency >= 20 X Band Width)
Rejection 0 ~ 80%
Rectification Mode V±/V+/V- /(RF RANGE <= VELO X 140/f/2/2 =5920 X 140/5M/2/2 = 41.44 mm)
Vertical Linearity ±3% (JIS)
Display 4 inches TFT colour LCD, 160 X 234 dot, 60 Hz
Language English
Unit Metric, inch
Gate 1 gate, 2 gates, DAC Curve (Stop and Start is variable)
Gate Calculation y, d, W, Differential, %, dB (Cross/Peak)
DAC Curve 10 points max.
Setting Memory 20
Data Memory 100 (DATA+WAVE+GRAPH)
Interface RS-232C
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Power Supply AC 200V (or 100V, optional)
4 hour operation with rechargeable battery
3 hour charging time (approximately)
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 265(W)X 103(H)X311 (D)mm

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