Test and Measurement

3-Channel Timer

Timer can be set up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds
Individual timers can be set for each of the 3 channels
3 channels can be started/stopped individually or simultaneously
Time can be set in 1-second increments
Reload function allows easy setting of the timers set immediately prior.
Automatically starts count-up when the set timer finishes.
Able to set both count-up and countdown timers.
Display modes: Timer, Time & Date
5 ways to mount: By magnet, clip, tabletop stand, wall hook and strap.

Setting the Timer

Count-up Function

The AD-5701A-E allows setting of three different timers.
Timers can be started/stopped individually or simultaneously.
The AD-5701A-E can count-up as well as countdown.
Timers can be started/stopped individually or simultaneously.

Timer End Behavior

Reload Function(When using the same time setting as before.)

A different buzzer sounds for each channel after a timer ends. Count-up starts automatically at the same time. Reload function makes it easy to reuse the previous timer settings.

Switching between Time & Date and Calendar Modes

Configuring Date & Time and Calender

This video shows how to switch to Time & Date mode.
Time & Date mode can switch between 12-/24-hour formats.
This is about how to set the current time and date.

Making Use of 3-Channel Timer (Pomodoro Technique)

Time management technique to increase production efficiency by repeating sets of work/rest (25/5 minutes) periods. Three timers can be set so that the Pomodoro Technique can be practiced.  
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