Weight Diary for UC-322/321/321P(Free software)
The Weight Diary is designed to enhance usage of the UC-322, UC-321 and UC-321P Precision Personal Scales. It accepts not only your weight data to show trend and BMI, but also your daily diet and activity in order to build a record of your eating and exercise habits. This software is downloadable from A&D's website for all UC-321 users. It is a standard accessory with the UC-321P, and it transfers all data automatically to your computer if connected by the cable provided. (Data needs to be entered manually when used with UC-321.)Now latest version of 5.16 (kg version) displays a longer term trend such as 3 months in one screen. This makes recognition of your weight or BMI trend easier for watching your health.

Models to be connected: UC-321P (UC-321)
Weight Diary Software Download
kg Version 5.16
Download 2.9MB
lb Version 6.15
Download 2.9MB

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