A&D WeiV ™ (Freeware)
A&D WeiV A&D WeiV*1 is a mobile application that enables bi-directional communication between an A&D electronic balance/scale and a smartphone/tablet computer via Bluetooth®, providing functions such as
  • Display weighing results transmitted in A&D standard format
  • Receive weighing data/GLP output
  • Send commands to a balance/scale
  • Repeat a command at set time intervals
  • Add date/time/number to weighing data
  • Reset the balance/scale display to zero
  • Save/delete received data

*1 A&D WeiV stands for A&D Weigh View, and also denotes radio “wave”.
PDF Flyer (PDF 389KB)
PDF Manual (PDF 2.0MB)
Supported OS
iOS 14.0 or later
Android 9.0 or later
Supported models (as of January 2023)
A&D balances/scales with Bluetooth compatibility*2
No Bluetooth interface option required
BA-T series, SJ-WP-BT series
Bluetooth interface option (OP-27) required*3
GX-A(E)/GF-A series, GX-AWP/GF-AWP series, GX-M/GF-M series, HR-AZ/HR-A series, FZ-i/FX-i series, HV-C(P)/HW-C(P) series, HV-CWP/HW-CWP series, SC/SE series, FG-CWP series
*2 Currently certified for use only in the US, Canada, and Japan.
*3 The AD-8529PC/PR-W Bluetooth converters cannot be used for A&D WeiV.
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