AX-HOLDER-SET Sample Cup Holder Set
AD-1689 Tweezers for Calibration Weight  
AX-HOLDER-SET is a set of three sample cup holders that are used to weigh test tubes, micro tubes, flasks or vials containing reagents or samples.
PDF Manual (PDF 67KB)
The holders can be placed on a balance and used to secure tilted container for measurement
Also the holders can be turned over and used to secure a long test tube as well

- Effective use of sample cup holders for analytical weighing

Material ------ Silicon (Antistatic treated)
External dimensions ------ Large size: 67 (W) × 67 (D) × 40 (H) mm
Medium size: 56 (W) × 56 (D) × 36 (H) mm
Small size: 40 (W) × 40 (D) × 32 (H) mm
Weight ------ Large size: 45.2 g
Medium size: 30.8 g
Small size: 15.7 g

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