Wireless Remote Display
AD-8541-PC Wireless Communication Interface for PC
When cables get in the way
PDF Manual (PDF 1.3MB)
Wirelessly receives and displays weighing results from a Bluetooth® compatible scale such as the SJ-WP-BT series
Props to stand on its own and holes so that it can be mounted on a wall to suit your needs
Runs on either four AAA batteries (for approx. 200 hours with alkaline batteries, backlight off) or a USB power supply.*1

*1 The batteries or USB cable (Micro B) are not included.
Display 7 segment LCD with backlight (character height: 26 mm)
Display refresh rate Approx. 10 times / second*i
Displayable units of measure*ii g (gram), kg (kilogram), lb (pound), oz (ounce), ozt (troy ounce), tl (tael), t (tola), pcs (counting mode), N (Newton)
Operating environment –10 to 40 ˚C / 14 to 104 ˚F, 85% R.H. or less (no condensation)
Power supply Four AAA batteries (R03 / LR03) or USB (5 V / 50 mA)
Battery life*iii Approx. 200 hours (with backlight OFF)
Approx. 100 hours (with backlight always ON)
Communication range Max. 10 m (line of sight)
Wireless communication module EYSHCNZXZ (TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD.)
Bluetooth® 4.2 (Bluetooth® Low Energy)
External dimensions 160 (W) × 74 (D) × 25 (H) mm
Net weight Approx. 160 g (excluding batteries)
*i When the scale transmits weighing data at 10 times / second
*ii For other units of measure, ▶ is displayed.
*iii Four AAA alkaline batteries at 25 ˚C

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