AD-1689 Tweezers for Calibration Weight
AD-1689 Tweezers for Calibration Weight  
The AD-1689 is a pair of tweezers that are ideally suited for manipulating calibration weights (10 ~ 500g).
With a length of 210mm, the tweezers allow a weight to be placed in a weighing pan without having to put a hand inside the
chamber. This prevents convection flow that is normally attributed to heat coming from the hand.
Each tweezer is made from austenitic stainless steel (SUS304), therefore heat from the hand is unlikely to be transmitted to
the weight via the tweezers. This is especially effective for the precise measurements required of analytical balances.
Tips of the tweezers are covered in resin to prevent the weight from slipping. The hilt is also covered with resin for easy gripping.
Material ------ Austenitic stainless steel (SUS 304)
Length ------ 210mm
Weight ------ Approx. 50g

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