Inspection Systems

AD-4971 Series
Metal Detectors
Metel Detector AD-4971 Capable of detecting metal contaminants in
products, this system contributes to the delivery
of safe products to customers.
PDFBrochure (PDF 2.1MB)
PDFUsers' Handbook (PDF 1.2MB)
Protected from dust and water to IP65 standards.Hygienic design with the entire system washable.
Suitable for use in HACCP program.
Automatic sensitivity setting function.
Easy operation with 7 inch color touch panel.
Variable belt speed of 10-60m/min.
Standard Ethernet I/O allowing easy networking via LAN.
Inspection history function with the ability to record 100 inspection results in the internal memory. Capacity can be increased by using USB memory.
Cleaning and maintenance is simple with a detachable conveyor belt.
Modbus communication
Equipped with Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP as standard. With Modbus communication, seamless connection can be easily achieved. Operations such as stopping and starting weighing, collecting data and changing product can all be set from an external device.
Modbus communication
Display example
Normal display Lissajous display Bar graph display
Normal display Lissajous display Bar graph display
Model AD4971
- 3510
- 3517
- 3525
- 4517
- 4525
Aperture size Width 350mm 450mm
Height 100mm 170mm 250mm 170mm 250mm
Pass height 80mm 150mm 230mm 150mm 230mm
Conveyor belt width 250mm 350mm
Conveyor length 800mm
Conveyor belt speed 10-60m/min
Detection Sensitivity *1 Fe φ0.3mm φ0.5mm φ0.7mm φ0.5mm φ0.7mm
SUS φ0.8mm φ1.0mm φ1.5mm φ1.0mm φ1.5mm
Dust / water resistance specifications IP65 compliant
Features Touch Panel
2D graph display
Menu with graphic display
Audio guidance for operation
Supports Modbus
FTP server function
History can be recorded in USB memory
Accessibility to I/O box
Maintenance Gear drive system
PLC interface (standard feature) Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP, FTP server function (LAN),
Relay output/Universal input
External input Non-voltage contact input 4 points
External output Relay output 8 points
Power supply *2 Single phase AC100V-240V (+10% / -15%), 50/60Hz 100VA
Modbus is a registered trademark of AEG Schneider Automation International

*1 Detection sensitivity will change depending on product and environmental conditions.
*2 Please prepare a Φ6-10mm power cable.

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